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I am Chiara, also called Kiki. I was born more than 2 decades ago in one of the most beautiful places on earth - in Tyrol. I'm a nature-loving, determined, cheerful and optimistic person with a big heart for animals. I prefer to eat from our own garden or at grandma's house - because that's where I exactly know where the ingredients are coming from and that it is healthy. Born under the sign of the summer sun, my love for the beautiful, mysterious but also powerful ocean cannot be denied. Knowing that every living being on this earth has a soul and that events in our lives do not happen by chance, I always try to walk through life with my eyes and heart wide open . I pack all the advantages of these qualities together when I travel around the world to race against the time.

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As you can imagine, the everyday life of a top athlete demands a lot from you - '14 hour days' are standard and often don't leave much room for free time or social media - so it won't be possible for me to update this homepage several times a week. And no, I will not give this into the hands of a third party, because authenticity, authenticity and transparency is very important to me! But to keep you up to date as good as possible, just follow me on Instragram or Facebook for - almost - daily updates.

Strong together

Sponsors - Partners

Even though ski racing is one of the most popular sports of us Austrians and is also very loved and recognized around the world, it would still not be possible to run our sport at this level without loyal partners as well as sponsors who put their trust in us. A huge - from the heart - thank you to all my partners, some of whom have already become friends and family.


From 0 to 100 - a start to a partnership as fast as I start out the starting gate at the race. Our paths came together in the summer of 2021 and it immediately developed into my main - or head - sponsor. HOLTER stands, among other things, for something that I extremely appreciate and need - regeneration with a feel-good effect. Together we not only want to improve my performance but also set new standards in terms of regeneration in sports and show the world that the feel-good factor is an important component not only in everyday life but also in sports.

Pure Encapsulations

In the past years we have not only grown together, but also upwards together. From my initial product sponsorship request a strong partnership has developed over the past few years, leading to several years of head sponsorship in the past seasons, for which I am still very grateful and happy today. A success story like the one of the caterpillar from which a butterfly hatched or better said how a sponsorship developed into a family-like togetherness and support. Thank you for always trying to get the maximum out of me and for continuing to support me as a Pure athlete.

MDV Sports

Since May 2021 I am a proud athlete of the MDV - Family. The (Völkl) Racetiger has always been in my soul anyway, the Italian touch of the (Dalbello) Raceboots also pleases my widely layered Italian roots and the fiery red Marker binding only lights up the fire in me even more. A perfect package for promising seasons to come.

#voelklskis #unlessyourideit #realitalianboots #dafamiglia #markerbindings #rulethemountains 


As a child I grew up with my fiery red sticks and always looked at them as two flames that made me go even faster. But when there were then the special editions in pink / pink for us girls, my love for Leki has grown immeasurably. Whether it's mountain running, touring or racing against the clock between the gates, my Leki poles are simply the best, most beautiful and fastest. Thank you for keeping my 'pink - girl dream' alive and setting a great example in terms of women in sports.

Sporttherapie Huber und Mair

'Skiers are made in summer' - is an old saying. But no matter if it's summer, spring, fall or winter, injury, illness or endless sweaty hours of training, the team at Sporttherapie Huber Mair is always there with advice, support, a helping hand and has been looking after me now for over a decade to make sure that I start into every winter season as well prepared as possible. Thank you, for your continuous tireless support.


Juliana Nails

Under the lights of the stages and slopes of this world mathematically only the fastest times count. However, it is also important for me to leave a good impression off the slopes, and what would be more fitting for a woman than a collaboration with the leading fingernail cosmetics company in Austria - Juliana Nails. My nail equipment belongs in my suitcase just like my training clothes do. Thank you, for making sure that, from a hand-technical point of view, I could immediately change from the ski slope into an evening dress. 

The list of sponsors would be pages long and I could go on for hours.... However, not to bore you I only mentioned my main sponsors above. Down here's a list and links to my other - just as important as the other ones - sponsors.