That's me


Private, personal and a bit different, but special.

A little insight into my life behind the scenes and away from racing.


... a bit different, but special ...

- that's why this won't be a classic introduction round with name, date of birth and place of residence *lol*. Because these and many other data you know quite certainly already from various media, newspapers or other sources of information.
I want to give you an insight into my life behind the scenes and away from the everyday life of a skier - which is also often difficult to separate. I wanna show you the sides of me you don't know already, my characteristics, hidden talents and hidden love relationships which are often neglected and pushed into the shadows by the Chiara seen from the public point of view.


Well, let's start with the thing which takes over a big place in my heart: The love for animals. No matter if horse, cats, dolphins, marmots, butterflies... every animal manages to touch my soul in its own way. Speaking of horses: Do you already know my Icelandic horse - Kjarkur? If not, you've missed a lot of cuteness - you'll find several updates and stories about him on my social media channels. For over a decade he's my companion now, and still is the only one who always manages to take away the stress of my everyday life with his calmness and composure, which leads me to go home from the stable strengthened, self-confident, but most of all calm. And old quote says: 'The horse remained faithful to me in the storm but the human not even in the wind.'
'The language of animals is limited, but what they express with it is important, useful and honest, because in the animal kingdom only truth and love exists'.

'Every moment is made up of a multitude of breathtaking little wonders, you just have to see and open yourself towards them.'

- a sentence that truly reflects my closeness to nature and the love to living life. While still being young I have already gratefully learned to always wander through life with eyes & heart wide open, to appreciate the small wonders in every moment, to develop a love for details and to accept and live every moment as it is. I have built a love and strong connection to nature and could not imagine a day without the great and beautiful mother earth with all of her many facets. It is the love for the opposites mountains - sea, sunlight - moonlight, winter - summer, sun - rain, human - animal, soul - body that gives me the feeling of being alive. Shortly said, I probably suffer from chronic sleep deprivation *lol* because I don't want to miss a single moment from sunrise to sunset. I am also fascinated by the darkness with all its mysteries and wonders of the universe and the moonlight under the starry sky. I always follow the whispers of my soul and trust that it always guides me towards my best.

So, what else is there to know? It is certainly known that professional athletes and especially skiers do train very versatile and always try to pick out the best possible of each sport to go a tad better prepared into the new season. However, I not only try to incorporate other sports into my training schedule, but also spend a lot of my leisure time learning new things - especially sports - where the fun factor is always the main element of course. The constant desire for adrenaline, movement as well as discovering new things has brought me to many great places on this earth the past months and years, given me some new people and opportunities in my life and shown me hidden talents as well as new passions. Not wondering that all of my idols or people I look up to are strong personalities with fascinating stories in various sports. By the way it's also time to thank all my friends who join me on every adventure without any doubt and stay patient when I fall down one, two or three times too much when learning a new sport *lol*.
‚Fall seven times, stand up eight. It’ll definitely be worth it in the end‘