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21.12.21 | Race, training | 0 comments

Hey there,

It's been a long time since my last blog post, I know. However, the last weeks and months were very very stressful, exhausting and intense that I did not get the time to do anything else.

Due to my skibrand change in spring, I started with full vigor and anticipation in the new season. I knew back then that the coming weeks and months would certainly be very intense but that's what you have to do for success! And that's exactly how it was - my days in the pre season were very long but productive. Not only did I spend hours on the slopes every day, but I also used the other hours of the day (and often there were night shifts!) to get everything possible out of myself, my body, my technique and the equipment. In addition to the ski training as well as fitness training, I and my team therefore also spent hours every day analyzing the day - the progress and preparing for the next day. At this point I really have to thank all the participants, coaches, family members, my service man and the whole MDV team who literally dropped everything to prepare me in the best possible way for this season.

Although everything seemed to be perfect, the first races did not go as planned due to several small mistakes - which of course then accumulated more and more. 

In order to analyze the facts and to process them as unemotionally as possible, I spontaneously spent a few days in New York (after the Killington races) to clear my head and to gain new strength for the upcoming challenges and a still long ongoing season.

With the knowledge on what we need to work on after the first races and the newly gained motivation, I was literally jumping directly from the plane on my skis and towards the training slopes. Once again, it's been long, intense but very productive training days which I would not have been able to complete so successfully without the MDV (Marker Dalbello Völkl) team and my confidants. I am really grateful to have such a professional environment!

Due to the fact that my upward trend was clearly visible, we decided spontaneously to ski the 2 Slalom European Cup races in Ahrntal in mid-December. These races were not only good to see were we stand but also to test if the things we improved also work in race mode. 

And Voilá - in the end it was 2 podiums and my first ever victory in a European Cup race!

All in all the races showed that we're on the right track and of course have been supergood for the confidence too :)

Unfortunately, I can not enjoy the Christmas break and rest, because thank God there is finally again the next slalom worldcup on the schedule or actually 4 of it in the next 3 weeks. That's why I'm leaving you with it and concentrate on the important things like:  How-can-I-get-faster-every-day 🙂 .

In the meantime I wish you relaxing and wonderful holidays, enjoy it and turn on the TV from time to time and keep your fingers crossed for me 😉

See you soon with hopefully (even) more successful news,



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