First snow impressions

07.09.21 | training | 0 comments

Hey there,

Today I'm writing to you from the Swiss glaciers with the first impressions of the 2021/2022 Olympic season.

At this time of year - in the middle of summer - you're already skiing? And that also by choice? *lol*. Those of you who know me, know that there must be a reason for this, because normally I'm still lying on the beach at this time of the year. However, this year everything is a bit different... And what can I say, I was even looking forward to the snow camp now! The reason for this excitment is my change of ski brand. So this year it's not necessary to drag me away from my beloved sea towards the highest glaciers in Europe, no, this year it all happened by itself - with a lot of joy, euphoria and motivation. Well, quite a big change I would say ;)

But now let's get back to the point...

The past days as well as weeks were filled with a lot of sunshine, a few helicopter flights, many many turns drawn into the snow, a few power-naps but most of all everything happened with a lot of joy about the progress with the new equipment and my technique.

At first I thought several days of skiing in a row in the summer would be long and hard to begin with, but then they passed in a flash. I was so busy with myself, my body, the new equipment, my turns, my technique, the regeneration, the fitness training as well as my self-cooked healthy meals that the days flew by so quickly. 

Actually, there is not much more to tell - or maybe I still have to process all the impressions first. Anyway, I'll let the pictures below speak for themselves!

cu soon,



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