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Hey there,

I'm coming back to you today with a slightly different - but just as important and interesting - story as usual. 

As you can imagine, the variety in the summer break among the everyday training routine is the most important thing. Because summer does not only mean endless kilometers on the bike or double gym sessions to build up fitness for the next season, no, but also to refuel energy and to do one or another thing that is fun 🙂 My days, which I spent this summer at Holter - my head sponsor - definitely belong in the category of cool things! 

As it is known, an athlete lives to a certain amount from his sponsors - which nowadays are indispensable - and that's why it's always very important to me to have a good relationship with my sponsors and to know them and their company personally. Since I only work with sponsors who fit 100% to me (meaning their company, mindset, products, philosophy etc. ...) it's pretty easy for me to do various sponsor meetings, because then it usually doesn't feel like work but like a 'family get-together' 🙂 .

Since the paths of Holter and me crossed only about one year ago for the first time, I had finally enough time after the seasonend to get to know all the people 'behind the scenes' and the company in detail. I had great conversations with the management, a great ski day with customers and some super interesting tours through the warehouses as well as the showrooms of Holter (spread all over Austria). Furthermore, I spent a few hours/days behind the desk with planning stuff for my own wellness project at home and also had a good time at the Holter - employee - summer party at the end of June in Wels.

What was most inspiring for me was definitely the way behind everything. 

The way all employees (no matter if old/young or different high-ranking positions) treat each other with respect and value to each other. 

The way structured, professional, fast and efficient the whole process works - from ordering a product by an employee, to delivery from one warehouse to the next, to assembly and completion by installers and other employees at home - just wow.

I am very happy to be a part of this successful, ambitious and progressive company. Every single minute with Holter was fun - whether it was the ski day, the warehouse/showroom visit, the video shoot or the summer party. I now feel like I'm part of a big family that loves doing their job. And let's be honest - when 'work' is able to feel like this then you know you're doing something the right way 🙂

Down here a few more photos in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes from my days at Holter.

cu soon,



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