Long time no see...

27.05.22 | Race, training | 0 comments

Puh, time flies. Just recently I wrote about my first half of the season and bang - it's already spring, how quickly time flies...

Here are a few more thoughts and sentences about the past months:
(because as we all know, you shouldn't dig around in the past for to long)
My second half of the season - starting with the new calendar year - was characterized by ups & downs, more than I could have ever imagined. It all started very well with my best place in a Worldcuprace so far (4th place) and a narrowly missed podium at my favorite race (okay usually it's Flachau but you know what I mean) - the Nightrace in Schladming. The weeks after I hardly rested and trained more than ever before - thanks to the motivation boost from Schladming. Although the Olympics passed me by, I set other goals for myself during this time and left nothing to coincidence. I was also able to prove the progress I had made in training with podium finishes in European Cup races. Everything went exactly as planed and I enjoyed training and skiing more than ever before. But as it's well known, after every high comes a low - and I couldn't avoid this one either. Unfortunately, a few too many negative and performance-impairing circumstances came together all at once and I couldn't finish the last races the way I would have liked and deserved. But the complaints aside, because you learn more from every dark day than from a moment of success. That's why I'm already on the go again to prepare everything for the new season and give it my all to be a little bit better.

As the saying goes: 'after the season is before the next season' so I say goodbye now and swing myself on the bike and in the gym to be best prepared for the coming season 🙂

See you soon - and this time it won't take me another half year to get back to you, I promise 🙂 Chiara

SCHLADMING,AUSTRIA,11.JAN.22 – ALPINE SKIING – FIS World Cup, slalom, ladies. Image shows Chiara Mair (AUT). Photo: GEPA pictures/ David Geieregger


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